Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Upfront Granola

I received all three flavors of upfront Granola to try: pecans & Almonds, Straight up granola, and Granola with cranberries. My absolute favorite was the granola with Pecans and Almonds. I ate this in my light and fit yogurt for breakfast... and can you say Yum? Because I sure did! I also loved munching this right out of the bag.

Straight up Granola is certified Vegan and is a non GMO product. They use 100% whole grain and are Kosher Certified. This granola is made to order and great with Milk or yogurt. They are portion controlled; they come in a 1/2 cup serving "grab and Go" pouch.

Can we be up front with you? There is no secret ingredient in Upfront Foods’ granola. In fact, our granola is so good because we have nothing to hide. Our business is not complicated, in fact, it is the exact opposite: simple, healthy food granola with no artificial ingredients. There’s just no room for hiding any secrets with only 9 straightforward ingredients in our signature granola, Upfront Nutty. There are no preservatives in our three granola flavors or no artificial ingredients and the 100% whole grain cereal, is Kosher certified and they have Non GMO Project verification. We make our granolas in small batches and package in a convenient “grab & go” ½ cup serving pouch to make it convenient for an easy healthy breakfast or a quick and healthy snack. You’ll even find the nutrition label right on the front of the package so it’s easy to decide for yourself how our granolas fits into your healthy lifestyle! It’s simply part of our honest-to-goodness promise to help make your life easier and more healthful at the same time.
“Let’s face it; mornings can be the most hectic part of our day. Who has time to make a healthy breakfast? All natural lunch box treats or healthy snacks can be a challenge, too. The creation of Upfront Foods’ granola began with my search for an easy healthy breakfast or healthy snack and the realization that finding a simple whole grain cereal or healthy snack was not so simple. I was tired of overly processed products that touted “Natural”, but whose long labels hid complex and artificial ingredients. I wanted real food that was healthy, delicious and easy.
I realized if I wanted to make it simple and healthy, I had to make it myself. I carefully chose the highest quality ingredients I could find, and found myself busy making granola for family and friends who encouraged me to start selling it. Today, we are still on a quest to make uncomplicated food that tastes great. We buy from trusted suppliers…. organic whole grain oats, golden flaxseed from a 5th generation farm family in North Dakota, 100% maple syrup from a 7th generation family farm in Vermont, brown sugar and crunchy nuts…nothing artificial and nothing to hide…just real ingredients from sustainable food sources.
Happily, my granola is simply delicious! I want everyone to taste how honestly good granola with no artificial ingredients can be, and that’s how Upfront Foods was born. Isn’t it time to simplify your life?!”
Gigi Twist

Did I mention these are delicious?

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