Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sigma Brush Glove?

Has anyone tried the new sigma Brush glove? I really want to know how it works and if anyone likes it. Leave me a comment about what you think.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hair Be Gone!

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to share with you my excitement for the day. My friend shaved her head! Her hair had been fried by chemicals so she decided to shave it all off! She did end up leaving a little Mohawk, because that is covered by her wig.
The quality of the wig she recieved (Ordered from Cool2Day from Amazon) are amazing. They don't feel like plastic at all!
Here is a video of the Transformation from beginning to End!!

ELF Product Review: Nailpolish (New Formula)

Hello Everyone! I thought I would take the time to do another quick product review, this time the ELF Nailpolish. I really love this polish, and have already placed an order for a few more colors. The packaging is sturdy. The actual polish is pigmented, only one coat is necessary for full coverage. It dries fast and leaves a glossy finish. It is also pretty long lasting. I’ve had mine on for 5 days and Yes, it has chipped, but only at the very end, and if I had used a top coat, I doubt it would have even did that. I’m in love with these polishes!

ELF Haul: Coming Soon!

I placed another order Friday for ELF! I am so excited for my products to come in! I will be sure to share What I got and how well I like the products. The order should be here This upcomping week :)

The Best Lip Balm: Naked Bee

So it’s winter… And winter brings Chapped lips. I’ve been lucky so far this season and haven’t gotten them yet! I’m pretty sure that as long as I use this product, I don’t think I will be hopping on the chapped lip train this year either!
It’s called “The Naked Bee” in Orange Blossom Honey Scent. I have to admit, it’s not the greatest smelling lip balm, but it’s not terrible either, but it Moisturizes my lips better than anything ever has. It’s not sticky, and it glides on smoothly. I Recommend it!!
Here is a link to their website where you can buy this, as well as many of their other products:

ELF Prduct Review: Lipstick


I have to say I am completely in love with this product, and the best part is, it was only $1.00!! It is ELF’s lipstick in “Classy”. The color is wonderful, it’s creamy and it’s long lasting.
Here is the link to buy this wonderful product:

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for any followers that have followed me to Blogger! This site offers way more options, including videos! That way I can upload videos onto my actual blog, as well as my youtube channel :) I will put all of my posts from my previous blog onto this one!!