Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Munch of Fun!

This is probably my favorite "Meal Box" to date that I have reviewed. Though, I'm fairly certain these are more oriented towards children, let's face it, I'm a kid at heart! These meals come with everything you need for a healthy meal, right inside this red box! I think these would be perfect for children's field trips. These would even be great if your child takes a cold lunch everyday, they can just grab their box and be out the door! I also remembered the long road trips I would go on when I was a child, and these would also be perfect for that as well. No more fussing over healthy meal options, or worrying about forgetting silverware!

I received a breakfast and a lunch box. The meals come with silverware, napkins, a wet wipe, a flosser and even a toy for after the meal. Not to mention they are packed with healthy food options. No more Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with chips and soda for field trips! Now your kids can have a healthy lunch with options like Hummus and crackers, jerky sticks and dried fruit. All meals also come with a Fruitables juice box. Everyone has heard on the news about the quality of the food served in schools, and it's not a pretty picture. I know if I had children, Munch of Fun boxes would certainly put my mind at ease knowing that my children are getting a healthy and delicious lunch. I know my nephews would get a kick out of these.

All of the food that were in these boxes was healthy, nutritious and Yummy! I preferred the lunch box more-  Nick's Sticks, crackers, hummus, dried apples and a fruitables juice box!
The meals can also be tailored to any particular food taste.

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