Friday, May 16, 2014

Review: Grassfields Cheese

Grassfields Organic Cheeses

I was so excited to be able to try these cheeses! Cheese is honestly one of my favorite foods. I have tried a lot of cheese, but I don’t think I have tried Organic Cheese before, and let me tell you, these were superb! I was sent three different kinds to try.

This was my second favorite cheese that I was sent. I love Gouda! Gouda is a Semi-hard cheese. This particular Gouda was made with 100% raw cow’s milk, from Jersey-Holstein breeds, which are grass-fed. It has a salty, grassy, toffee flavor. This cheese also pairs well with wines such as Pinot Grigio and Merlot. Also, it goes great with Apples, Pears and stone fruits such as Peaches and Plums. Try it melted over Chicken. This cheese was so creamy! The stuff you buy at the grocery store doesn’t hold a candle to this!!

Polkton Corners:
I had never heard of this particular cheese before, but I liked it. It was my least favorite of the ones I received. Although, my husband, loved this one the most! It is a soft cheese, and it melts in your mouth. This is also made with milk from Grass fed cows. It has a tangy, buttery flavor. It is a bit “strong” tasting, when you eat it by itself. It would go great with Asti and Pinot Noir, also with Juicy fruits. The name of this cheese comes from the long-ago community where the Gassfield’s Farm was located.
Lamont Cheddar:
This was my favorite! This is a hard cheese, that develops sharpness with age. This goes great with Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. You can use this in place of “name brand” cheese. I loved this cheese just on crackers. It was so yummy!

All of their cows are grassfed, which means, no tiny feeding lots with cows up to their knees in their own mess. Their cheeses are all organic!

We believe that intensive rotational grazing of our animals is the best use of the land and the healthiest for our animals. Our dairy herd is composed of Holstein-Jersey-Normandy cross-breds, and we also raise our pigs and chickens on fresh grasses. The quality of their meats and milk begins with rich and nutritious soil, which develops over time from intensive rotational grazing practices and animal husbandry.

This particular business is fairly close to my home, I will most likely be ordering cheese from them in the future, since both my husband and my self fell in love at the first bite.

Is it safe?
There are several things we do to make sure the raw-milk cheese is safe:

1) We keep our cows outside in their natural environment. This keeps them much cleaner, exercized, and healthier than if they were packed together in a barn.
2) When making raw-milk cheese, what makes it cheese is a certain bacteria, or culture. That one culture takes over the whole wheel of cheese, allowing no harmful bacteria to grow in that cheese at all.
3) Our cheeses are regularly tested for any harmful bacteria by our MDA dairy inspector. 
4) When we cut up a wheel of cheese, we know that it's a good wheel which the culture has taken over the whole wheel. How do we know? By the smell, the taste, and the texture. If there is more than the intended culture in the wheel of cheese, it will look, smell, or taste wrong to us; and our pigs get to enjoy it.
They also have an Organic "You-Pick" Garden coming in June!

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