Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review: Redmond Products

Redmond Products

I was given the opportunity to review a variety of Redmond products including seasonings, bath salts, Redmond clay, and toothpaste!

My absolute favorite product out of everything I was sent was the Redmond Clay. I have used this as a facial, and it is absolutely amazing. I notice any redness in my face after using this is basically gone! It firms and tightens my skin while leaving it soft and smooth afterwards.

I received four seasonings to try, and every one of them was excellent. The flavors I received were: Season salt, Onion Salt, Garlic Salt, and regular Sea Salt. I was very surprised to see the nutritional information on the Sea Salt! It contained so many vitamins and minerals. My favorite seasoning that I received was the Seasoned Salt. It went great with everything!

The two flavors of toothpaste I was able to try were also out of this world. I received Lemon Twist and Wintergreen.  My personal favorite was the wintergreen! I was so fresh. They contain no Glycerin or fluoride! There is also no artificial coloring. Also, they contain only 7 ingredients, and I can pronounce all of them! Have you ever checked your toothpaste’s ingredients? Scary, huh?

Last, but definitely not least, the bath Salts. Can you talk about relaxing? These were wonderful. This product soothes stiff, sore and aching muscles, aids in detoxification, helps improve circulation and promotes sound restful sleep.  I took a bath using these and I was so relaxed Afterwards!!

I loved all of the products I was sent!

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