Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Diego's

I was able to review Diego's Hot and Spicy Chips. You know me with Spicy though... I thought that these would be hot for me to handle. I was very surprised, I was expecting a chip that was all heat and zero flavor, I was wrong. Really wrong. 

I was sent two flavors to try, Red Chili and Habanero. Obviously, the Habanero was WAY more spicy then the Red Chili, but the flavors in both were still really great. I have to say, flavor wise, I liked the Habanero better, but in order for me to eat more than a handful at a time, I would have to have a big glass of milk to cut the burn. Red Chili also had good flavor, and way less heat than the Habanero. I just preferred the flavor of the Habanero more. 

Both were winner's in my brothers opinion. He loves Spicy foods. He was able to eat almost the whole bag of Habanero, and said he also preferred the flavor of that one over the Red Chili. 

Everyone loves potato chips, and these would be perfect for the spice lover in your life. I know my husband and my brother both loved these chips and wanted more!

I would recommend these to anyone who loves spicy flavor packed snacks!

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