Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: ToGo Spa!

I had a chance to review ToGo Spa. They offer "under eye patches" that help Soothe, Brighten, De-Puff and Hydrate. My fellow blogger and I both tried these out when they came in the mail today. We both suffer from under eye circles and bags. I am constantly rubbing my eyes, and I have been noticing how dry my under eyes are. I have also been noticing some fine lines around my eyes.

When we opened these up, they almost reminded me of giant contact lenses in texture. We put them on our face and waited 15 minutes as directed. They slipped down a little bit, but it wasn't that much of a nuisance, you can just slide them back into place. They give you a great cooling feeling.

After our 15 minutes was up, we pulled them off, and were presently surprised. I felt a difference almost immediately. My under eyes felt much firmer, and it wasn't dry anymore. My friend said the same thing! The only Con to these is that the package that they come in was hard to open, but for such a great product, packaging concerns can be overlooked.

I loved these, and would look into purchasing some.

I would give these a 9/10!

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