Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: One With Nature Rose Petal Body Wash

I was delighted at being given the chance to review One With Nature’s products. I have becoming more and more aware of the types of things I am putting on and in my body. When I came across this company I had to try it out! One of the things that interested me in this particular company was that their products contain no artificial colors or fragrances.
“At One With Nature, we are dedicated to crafting only the finest skin care products. Care is taken to design, develop and manufacture our products in harmony with nature and our customer's needs. We are also committed to preserving the Dead Sea through our partnership with FoEME (Friends of the Earth Middle East).
Environmental consciousness is the cornerstone of our business. Our soaps have a 100% vegetable base and do not include artificial colors, fragrances or animal ingredients of any kind. Our eye-catching colors result from a blend of plant and naturally-occurring mineral pigments found in the diverse climate zones of the region. The rich scents come from pure essential oils or other 100% natural sources.”
I have tried these out for a couple days, and I have to say, I am absolutely in love with the Rose Petal Body Wash!! The lather that comes from this body wash, you would not even believe. I have an issue with body wash usually, where it seems like I have to use half to bottle to get any sort of lather, and then it sort of just slides off the body pouf and runs down the drain. Well, with One With Nature’s body wash I did not have this problem at all! It lathered up amazingly, and it kept lathering until I rinsed out my pouf.  I also noticed that after I was out of the shower, my skin was clean (and I smelled great) but it wasn’t dry how normal body wash makes my skin. Hands down the greatest body wash I have ever used! I think they made a customer out of me for life! 

I also tried out two of their soaps, which I also liked a lot! The Lemon Verbena, reminded me of summer, such a fresh and crisp smell. The Lavender was a very calming scent. I sometimes suffer for tension headaches, and I think this soap will be great when I just need to relax and pamper myself a little.
All in all, I totally recommend these products to anyone! They have a variety of scents; something for everyone!
I would rate these 10/10! Perfect Score!
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