Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Runa

I received a few different Runa products to try. I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like these drinks, because I have never heard of what they were made of, Guayusa (Gwhy-you-sa). I was too soon to judge. I ended up liking all of the products I was sent, though I liked some more than others.

The first thing I tried were the Runa Clean Energy Drinks. These were my least favorite product, but that I guess is to be expected. I'm not exactly a fan of "regular" energy drinks. Before you take my "I didn't like them" opinion to heart, let me say this. I would actually prefer drinking these over other energy drinks any day if given the chance. These have ZERO: Calories, Fat, Sodium, Carbs and Sugars. Even with all of that stuff "missing", when I drank these, they still gave me energy! I had no crash, and my stomach did not object to these drinks. Other drinks give me a stomachache. These contain Natural Caffeine, and polyphenols for focus.
"The Energy Drink for People who don't drink Energy Drinks."

The next thing I tried were the different flavors of tea. Oh man, yum. Enough said. I love tea. My favorite flavor of tea is any sort of mint tea. Runa brought it to the table with this tea... Easily one of the best mint flavored teas I have ever tried. Can you tell the mint flavor was my favorite? Not to say the others weren't great as well, but the Mint really stood out to me. Their Tea is naturally caffeinated, and has TWICE the amount of antioxidants as Green Tea. It also contains Ferulic Acid, which can help improve circulation, 15 essential Amino Acids, and Chlorogenic Acid, which helps improve Heart health, reduces high blood pressure and prevents fat accumulation... all from this wonderful plant- Guayusa.

The last product I tried was the Runa Bottle, which was a hibiscus tea. This was good, but my husband liked it more than I did. It was a little too sweet of a tea for my personal tastes.

I loved all of the Runa Products I was sent.

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