Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Glass With a Twist

I was so excited to be able to review a set of beer mugs from Glass With A Twist. I have seen several of these type of mugs before, and none compare to the quality of the mugs I received from Glass With A Twist. Not only was the inscription done absolutely beautifully, but these mugs are really sturdy. They are balanced and the handles are attached flawlessly. There are also no bubbles in the glass.
My thought on this is, "Why have a beer mug, if the first time you slam it down onto a table during a party, or family get together, it breaks?" Well I can tell you, I don't see these mugs breaking anytime in the near future.

I opted to get a set of mugs with my Husband's and I's name on them. I was also able to have them add scrollwork. They have many many options on what you can have etched onto your glass. Anything from your favorite hobby, to your favorite animal! And they don't just have beer mugs! They have all different types of glasses.

I wish I had known about this company before I had gotten married. I would of loved to give personalized glasses away to my wedding party as favors. These would be perfect for a gift, or any occasion.

Wonderful Product and company! 10/10

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