Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Nature's Best- Java Pro

I have tried Whey Protein before, but I have never tried anything like Java Pro. Java Pro comes in five different flavors:

French Vanilla

I received the caramel flavor to try. This was so delicious. Easily the best Whey Protein drink I have ever tried. This really reminded me of a "fancy" coffee drink, which is to be expected because it has coffee in it! The Java Pro Caramel Flavor is only 110 calories per serving, and contains 20 grams of Protein! Wow! This also contains just about every vitamin and mineral you could think of in it. This tasted great!

These are great for athletes, or even the everyday person who is need of a "Get up and Go".

Nature's Best ins the second most recognized sports nutrition brand in America. They have many other products as well.

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