Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: Famous Daves

It's Summer! And, being that it is summer, I want a tan! Except, I have a problem... I don't tan, I burn. Badly. Several years ago I was sunburned so badly that it left scars, and ever since then, I have been wary of going out in the sun without sunscreen. And when I am able to get somewhat of a tan on the tops of my shoulders, you can see the scars. Because of that, self tanners are a part of my summer routine. I was super excited to try out Famous Dave's Tanner.

I am also somewhat afraid of "cream/lotion" tanners... because I can never apply them correctly, but Famous Dave's tanner came with a Mit to apply the cream with.... Oh boy, I wish I would of had one of those years ago... and I wouldn't have walked around looking like an oompa loompa. using the mit, I was able to apply the product easily, and it actually turned out beautifully! I did not end up with streakiness or globs of uneven color.

Famous Dave's even sent an instructional card telling me how many pumps of the product to apply where. The color turned out beautifully! I really looks like I spent hours in the sun tanning, when in reality it only took me about ten minutes to apply from the comfort of my living room. I usually only apple self tanner's to my arms and chest, but I was confident enough to try this on my legs! I have never been happier with the way a tanner turned out!

I also noticed that when applying this tanner, it didn't have the sickly sweet "banana" smell that most other tanners have. Which is a super plus for me, because I absolutely hate that smell!

Famous Dave's tanner even has Argon Oil in it!

This is a wonderful tanner! 10/10!

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