Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Doggie Couture Shop

I own three big dogs, all herding breeds: Collie an Aussie and an Aussie Mix. This time of the year our house looks like a giant hair ball. They shed like crazy! I was offered the chance to review anything from Doggie Couture Shop, so I chose to review an undercoat rake.
I ripped open this package and started brushing out my dogs right away. I have never been so impressed with a brush in my entire life. The pins rotate, which seems to make it easier to get through knots and snags in their hair. After brushing out my collie it looked as if she lost about 20 pounds!
Next up was my Australian Shepherd, Neener. She hates to be brushed, and I mean, absolutely hates it. So when she laid down and actually let me brush her with this, I was flabbergasted. I was able to brush out about half of her when she had finally decided she had had enough, and got up and walked away.
Below if the pile of hair I brushed out of her.... Crazy right?!
Keep in mind that was only HALF of her. She wouldn't roll over so I could brush her other half. My mother joked that we could make a small dog out of all of the hair we brushed out of our dogs. This was easy to use, and did the job perfectly. The handle was comfortable and didn't hurt my hand like some brushes do.
I would definitely make a purchase from Doggie Couture Shop! They have everything your precious pooch could ever dream of!

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