Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Adventuress

Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to post a positive review. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may differ.

"The Adventuress Skin Care Collection was designed for active women living adventurous lifestyles"

It is June, which means, that at least where I live, it is starting to get swelteringly hot. Which also means for me, that my skin is getting FRIED from being outside even for a little while. I also live in a fairly sandy area, so the dust and dirt in the dry part of summer is unbelievable. I was able to review the Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes, and the Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier.

I have tried cleansing wipes before, and none of them were even close to comparing to these. My skin felt clean and moisturized. I was really surprised by how thick the cloth wipe was. Most facial wipes are so thing they stretch and roll when you use them on your face. You can even see through them sometimes! These Adventuress Wipes, were really thick, and had just the right amount of solution on them. I was able to clean my whole face without the wipe drying out.

Feature Benefits: - Seven plant extracts protect against Rosacea, rash and itchiness 
- Reduces melanin (age spot) production, prevents pigmentation 
- Anti-inflammatory 
- Soothes and hydrates 
- Disposable, individually packaged, biodegradable towelettes 
- Fragrance and alcohol free

The Vividly Restorative Skin Purifier was equally as awesome. I have noticed my skin is looking a lot more radiant and clear since I have been using this. This feels and looks almost like a face primer, what you would put under your foundation if you really want it to stick. This is very easy to apply. One pump is able to do my entire face. It spreads easily, and it does not leave my face sticky. Out of the two products this was my favorite!

Feature Benefits:
- Decongests environmentally stressed skin 
- Reduce breakouts - Micronutrients replenish skin cells 
- Airless dispenser keeps out contaminants 
- Fragrance free and paraben free

 These were both really great products!

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