Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: Splurge Skincare

I was given the chance to review Splurge Skin Care! I was very excited when this came in the mail, because I love Sugar scrub. I had tried to make some before, and it never turned out right, it was always too hard, or too oily, it just never worked the way I had imagined it would. So, when I tried Splurge's "The Rub" I was so happy! It was perfect! I used this on my hands. I get really dry hands, and then from writing I get all sorts of calluses, my hands just needed some extra TLC, and "The Rub" gave them just that!
I just wet my hands, scooped some out of the jar, and scrubbed my hands and wrists with it, and then rinsed it off. My hands were soft soft and smelled so great!

I received the new "spring" scent, from Splurge, and it smells so fresh! I love scents like this for spring, fresh and citrus-y. 

I also received two of their lip balms to try. The first thing that I noticed about these was the packaging they were in. Thy came in cute little oval tube! I have never seen packaging like that before, I love it! I received two different kinds, Almond lip buttah, and In Love tinted Lip Buttah. I prefer the tinted one better, because it smells like mint, but I enjoy to almond one as well, though the smell kind of makes me want to eat cookies! They both smell delicious, and they go on smoothly, and they moisturize my lips extremely well!

I loved all three of the products I received from Splurge! Try them out for yourself!

Splurge is also Cruelty Free!

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