Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Mama Francesca Cheese

Cheese. The favorite food of many, including myself. If you were to ask me, Cheese makes everything better. There are so many different types and flavors, you can pair it with almost anything. 
Mama Francesca was kind enough to send me a variety of Parmesan Cheeses to try. I must say, my entire life, I thought there was only one kind of Parmesan, the stuff you get in the green can. No extra Flavors, just that white powdery dust. 

I was so surprised when I opened my package from Mama Francesca! I received SIX different flavors; Parmesan and Romano, Parmesan Asiago and Romano, Classic Parmesan, Parmesan and Red Pepper, Parmesan Basil and Oregano, & Parmesan and Garlic! My absolute favorite was the Parmesan Basil and Oregano! I put it on my mashed potatoes and it made them out of this world. My husband loved the Red Pepper. My brother tried these on his popcorn (a huge hit). I love ALL of these cheeses! You can put them on almost everything!

I loved that when you open the bottle, you can see all of the different sized pieces of Parmesan, making it easy to see that this cheese is actually shredded and REAL. The taste compared to other Parmesan cheeses that I have tasted, these are without a doubt THE BEST. They taste great and fresh, and all of the flavors are wonderful!

I would give these a 10/10!

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