Monday, May 12, 2014

Review: De La Terre SkinCare

My passion for Natural beauty products has been increasing. I love that I can make myself look better, and also feel better doing it, knowing that I'm not putting a bunch of unnatural chemicals on my body.
I was sent three products from De La Terre Skincare to try out. and I have to say, I loved all of them.

Herb Rich Serum-
This was perfect for my dry skin. It is formulated to help accelerate skin recovery, has anti aging properties, and helps diminish scars and dark pigmentation. I put this on my face, because I noticed I was starting to get dry skin around my mouth and jawline. This cleared that up in no time at all!

Herb Rich Balm-
I really loved this product. I used it as a lip balm, but you can also use it as an eye treatment, or an all over face mask. I love that you can use this in so many ways. You can also use this to treat minor burns and skin irritations. Sometimes my lips get flaky, and it drives me crazy! This has been my go to product for keeping my lips nice and smooth!

Herb Rich Clay-
This product was also fantastic. You make an emulsion with it and press it onto your face. I could feel my skin getting tighter after I used this. Do not let it dry on your face. It has to be wet to work properly. I had my mom try this also, and she loved it as well.

All of De La Terre's Skincare is 100% synthetic Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan. It contains NO Parabens, sulfates, or Petrochemicals. It is also Non-Comedogemic (Won't clog pores). They are also Cruelty Free! They do not test on animals! I always thought it was hard to find companies who do not test on animals, and since I have started my blogging adventure, I now know of several companies who are cruelty free! I love De La Terre Skincare!

I would give these products a 10/10!

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