Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Ann Marie Gianni Skincare

I was sent a number of products from Ann Marie Gianni Skincare. There were quite a few products, so I am going to tell you about my favorites that I received. Please keep in mind that all of the sizes of product I was sent were sample sizes. If you go to their online store (linked below) They have the Full Size products.

I think my favorite product that I was sent was the Dead Sea Facial Scrub! A lot of exfoliating scrubs that I have tried are way too harsh on my skin. Sometimes, it actually hurts to use them! I loved this scrub, it had just the right amount of grit to it to slough off the dead skin cells, and it left my face smooth and supple.
Dead Sea Clay - Since ancient times, this clay has been sought after for its restorative properties. Due to the unique location and geography of the Dead Sea, the clay contains many nourishing minerals including calcium which is known to help clear up your skin, bromine which is very soothing, and sulfur which is highly detoxifying.
Another one of their products that really spoke to me was the Neroli Toning Mist. I cannot even describe to you how wonderful this smells. I spritzed this on my face and I was immediately in love. my face felt fresher immediately. Plus I smell amazing!
Neroli hydrosol, from orange blossoms. This is great for your skin and will calm the subtle energies to balance your skin and your soul. Neroli has historically been used as a mood enhancer, as something to calm the soul, and as an aphrodisiac. 
The last product I will tell you about was the Purifying Mud Mask. Oh man, I love mud masks! This one especially. Throughout my years I have tried several masks promising to do the things that this one does, and non have come anywhere near close to this. This mixes so smoothly and applies wonderfully! I have struggled with oily type skin my whole life. Sometimes it is worse than others. This mask helps regulate oil product in your face, and remineralizes your skin. What a great Product!
 This purifying mask is a special blend of mineral rich clays and nutritive blue green algae. Masks have been used for thousands of years, by many cultures for skin toning, tightening and as a natural spa treatment straight from Mother Earth. Using our Purifying Mud Mask regularly will cleanse, mineralize and remove impurities from your skin and pores without destroying its fine natural balance. Gluten-free and vegan!
I loved all of the products I was sent, but these three were my absolute favorites! You can get a sample pack of the products I tried here!  These products really did wonderful things to my skin! It is definitely a mini Spa Vacation!

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