Saturday, April 26, 2014

Subscription Box: Love With Food!

I finally know what all the fuss is about with Subscription Boxes. Everyone likes getting unexpected packages in the mail, especially when they have something good inside. I received my Love with Food box today, and I tore into it right away.

When you first open the box they give you a little card taht tells you about the products in the box, and if you like anything you can go to and buy your favorites out of that months box.
This months box came packed with tons of delicious goodies:

Orchard Blend- Freeze Dried Fruit
This was delicious, Only three ingredients! Apples, peaches and Apricots. Kids would absolutely adore this.

Heart Tee
I love TEA! This tea is supossed to help reduce anxiety and stress!

Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint
Another great Product! I didn't really taste much honey in this, but it was delicious anyway.

Candied Almonds with Cranberries, Honey & Sea Salt
One of my favorites out of this box. This was so good. You know those candied almonds they sell at carnivals? These were like that, except way more flavorful!

Popcorn (Aged White Cheddar and Hatch Green Chile)
This was ok. It was a little spicy for my personal tastes.

Honey Waffle
My favorite thing out of the whole box. Honey in between soft wafer cookies. YUM!

Organic Fruit Spread (Apricot)

This was also VERY good! It's probably a good thing they didn't give me an entire jar, because I probably would have eaten it all. They sweeten it with apple juice. Probably the best fruit spread I have ever eaten.

Organic Energy Bar (Almond)
If you like sesame seeds, you will love this! It was very good!

I loved my Love with Food box!! Everyone should get one! Healthy snacks from all over the world delivered right to your door! 

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