Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Avitae

Avitae was kind enough to send me some of their products in exchange for an honest review.

When I got this I thought for sure that this water would taste funny.... I'm really weird about Bottled water. This was really good though. Super refreshing, and it didn't taste like dirt like some water does. Not only is this water perfectly refreshing, it also contains CAFFEINE. Amazing right?
I drank the 45mg one first. That amount of caffeine is equivalent to half of a cup of coffee. I was starting to come around, so I thought why not? I drank the 90mg next. 
Now I was basically going on a cup of coffee, I was getting more done, and my stomach wasn't hurting. Some coffee's makes my stomach just cramp up, Others do not, but the majority of well known brands do. I also am not a huge fan of certain kinds of soda with caffeine in them, so Avitae is PERFECT. Plus, you get more water in your diet, and everyone needs to drink more water. 

The 125mg is my favorite. It gave me the perfect amount of energy. I wasn't sluggish and I didn't crash after a while. 
For the people who need caffeine, and say they have to drink pop, You don't! This is the PERFECT product for you! I loved every single thing about this product right down to the cap, and will buy more anytime I see it. 
The most perfect way to stay Hydrated AND Awake. 
Perfect Score!! 10/10. I would give these an 11 if I could. 

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