Monday, April 28, 2014

Review & Giveaway: TheraPearl

Over two years ago, I injured my knee while shoveling snow in my driveway. At the time I thought I had sprained it, but as time went on, it didn't feel any better, it actually felt worse. I went to the doctor and they said the ligaments around my kneecap were messed up, and that they wouldn't be better unless I was able to stay off from it for a certain amount of time. Well, I'm not able to do that. For the most part, it is healed, but on certain days, or If I sleep funny, or have to be in the car a a lot and am not able to stretch my legs out, it really hurts. That is how I came across TheraPearl.
This Knee wrap has saved me a lot of pain since I have gotten it. You can microwave it to make it warm, or freeze it for a little while to make it cold. It is adjustable, so it will fit anyone. It is big enough to cover your whole knee. 

I loved this product! I would recommend it to anyone with any knee pain. They offer a variety of other products for other parts of your body as well. This is a wonderful product if you have any aches and pains, or if you are an athlete who needs to sooth sore muscles. 

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TheraPearl is also Offering my readers a Giveaway! Enter to win your very own knee wrap!

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