Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Hydracentials Water Bottle

Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to post a positive review. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may differ.

I have many addictions: chocolate, gaming, writing, reading, salty snacks, soda... you have heard about almost all of those, but one of my addictions that I don't think you have heard about, is my addiction to water bottles. Right now, as we speak, I can see my counter... My water bottle "collection" is currently drying, after they were washed. I can count at least 8 water bottles right now... and those are just the ones I have used within the past week. I have quite a variety; screw on tops, ones with built in straws, and even one pretty similar to the Hydracentials water bottle that I an currently reviewing for you all. In total, I probably own at least 20 water bottles. Every time I see one at the store that is on sale, I buy it. Even though I know I do not need any more.

Now you understand that when I say I was beyond impressed with this particular water bottle, you understand I know what I am talking about. The Hydracentials water bottle holds 25 oz of water, which is a really good size. my favorite feature of this bottle was the flip top straw, and the metal body. It is really heavy duty! it also has a foam type bottom the prevents slipping on surfaces. This bottle is NOT top heavy like so many are, which means it will not tip over easily. I also love how sleek this particular bottle looks. It's something I am proud to have sitting on my desk.

I made my usual bottle of ice water, and then got busy around the house and completely forgot about drinking it! This tends to happen to me a lot, so regular glasses of water/juice/soda usually go down the drain once they are warm or flat. I took a sip out of my Hydracentials Water bottle, and I was so impressed I actually said out loud, "Wow! This stayed cold!" Even after about 5 hours, I still had little pieces of ice in my bottle, and my water was still cold. This is so insulating, it is my all time FAVORITE Water bottle.

If you are a big water drinker like I am, I urge you to go purchase one of these. They can be found online HERE on Amazon.

Also, Check out their website!