Saturday, May 3, 2014

Review: Wellness Pet Treats & Cat Food

In observance of National Pet Week, this week I will be reviewing only pet related products. To kick off my first pet product review, I (and my pets) had the pleasure of reviewing Wellness Pet Snacks and Wet Cat food.
This review will be a little different from all of my others, because I can’t really give my opinion on how the product tastes. Though I can tell you, my pets loved all of these products… so much so that they all come running when I crackle the treat bags.

For your Canine buddies- I reviewed Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars. I was sent two different flavors; Turkey & Duck with Kale, and Beef & Bison with blueberries. I can’t tell you which they preferred, because they gobbled them both down with equal enthusiasm. I think when it comes to what my pets eat, I think more about what goes into their bodies than what goes into mine. The ingredients in these blew me away. The first ingredient in each of these is meat, and all of the ingredients I can actually pronounce! They contain No GMO’s, Meat By-Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! By far one of the healthiest dog treats I have ever encountered. These are also made in the USA!

Archer and Klaus, Gobbling down treats
Excuse my feet, I was spray painting
For your Feline Friends- I reviewed Wellness Kittles, which are crunchy cat treats. I have to admit, my cats are pretty spoiled, generally when I buy them treats, I buy them moist treats, because they like those. I wasn’t sure if they were going to like these, but I gave them a shot. I am glad I did. I received three flavors: Salmon and Cranberries, Tuna and Cranberries, & Chicken and Cranberries.  I gave them all some of each flavor, and they gobbled them all up. My cats loved these! Some of my cats are somewhat picky eaters (I have 6!) and even they ate them without complaint. Sometimes I will get a funny look from my Siamese cat if I try to feed him a treat that he doesn’t like. Again, just like the dog treats, the first ingredient is meat, and I recognized all of the ingredients! They are gluten and grain free! Perfect for your kitty cats. If you have any “chubby” cats, you will also appreciate that each treat is also less than TWO calories!

Lastly- I reviewed Wellness Wet Cat Food. My cats get wet cat food a couple times a week, and they usually eat the pâté kind. These flavors (Chicken, Tuna and Salmon) came in minced versions. Five of my cats ate all of the food that I gave them; only one licked the gravy off and left the chunks. He does that with the Pâté stuff also. He’s not a huge fan of wet food, so I think it has less to do with the product and more to do with his personal food preferences. Not to worry though, his portion did not go wasted. Once the other cats were done with theirs, Archer, my tabby cat took it upon himself to finish what Klaus wouldn’t eat. What a piggy.

All in All, I think each one of these products is Great! Next time I go to the pet supply store, I will probably pick up a few more packages of each one. My animals loved them, and I can give them to them with confidence, knowing that the ingredients are not bad for them! I would recommend these to anyone with furry friends.

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Archer, Asking for more treats

Zeke, Looking Professional as usual