Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Natural Balance Pet Treats and Food

I have another Review for you in honor of Pet Week! I have to say, my animals are really spoiled taste testing all of these yummy treats. My cat Archer now thinks all boxes that come, have treats inside for him!
When I received this box, I opened it right up! My dogs and cats heard the crinkle of the treat bags, and came running. I have to say, my animals LOVED everything that I received from Natural Balance!

The first thing I opened were the Dental Chews. I received two different flavors: LIT with Duck Meal, and Pumpkin & Chicken Meal Formula with Papaya. I thought that my dogs wouldn't like the Pumpkin treats, as sometimes they can be picky eaters... boy, was I wrong. They loved the Pumpkin flavor. I think it was their favorite thing that they received. These Dental Chews help reduce plaque and tartar, freshen breath, are easy to digest and have antioxidant nutrient. They are also Grain free!

I also received Two flavors of Belly Bites: Duck & Legume Formula and Salmon & Legume Formula. The first ingredient in each of these is meat, and the second is peas! I can feel confident when giving my dogs these treats!

My dogs also tried the "roll" of dog food, and I can honestly tell you that, they loved that. I gave each one some so they could all try it and all three of them gobbled it right down!

I also received two packets of LIT (Limited Ingredient Treats) in two different varieties: Rabbit and Potato, & Salmon and Potato. I can't tell you which my cats preferred. They ate them both with gusto! Again, in these treats the first ingredient is meat! Cats are natural carnivores, so I love finding them treats when the first ingredient is meat.

I also received a variety of wet cat food ouches, and "Cataouille". My siamese cat really loved the Cataouille! It had real shredded chicken and after he was finished he looked pretty satisfied, because he curled up and took a nap. Damon (my Siamese, after Damon Salvatore (haha)) approved! The other pouches of cat food I received I had my other cats taste test. They were a "Chunk" Variety. They all ate it and they all seemed to love it, except Klaus, who again just licked off the gravy like he always does. If anyone has any tips to get him to eat ALL of the food, let me know.

Natural Balance is a winner in my book! I will look for these also when I got to my local pet Supply store!

Natural Balance is also committed to helping animals by donating to local animal Charities.

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