Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: John Paul Pet Ear & Eye Pet Wipes

John Paul Pet products are made by the Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell! They have been nice enough to help us finish up Pet week! I will be reviewing one of their products every day for the rest of the week! I have to say, these products certainly make it easier to clean  up my dogs and cats. At the end of the week I will be putting up a Giveaway for some of their products!

The fir item I tried were the Eye and Ear wipes. Every one who owns animals knows the woes of Eye boogies. Animals get them just like people do, I tried these on my cat first, cleaning around his eyes and ears. he didn't seem to mind it, and it cleaned his ears well. Then I tried them on my dog. They also cleaned his ears well, though you could tell he was definitely not used to the wipes. If I sued these regularly on my animals they would probably get used to them in no time.

The directed use is everyday. Though with my animals I don' think it is needed. If you have a small dog that gets tear stains easily you will love this product, so easy to use and it really cleans! I will continue to use these on my animals as needed.

John Paul Pet products are cruelty free, Tested on Humans first. They are also fragrance Free.

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