Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Designer Skin "One Night Stand"

I am probably the pastiest person you would ever meet. I also have the worst luck when I try to tan. I just burn! This product was an amazing way to get that summer glow I am so envious of. This is hands down the best “self tanner” I have tried. The best part about it, is it is temporary! After one night, it washes off with soap and water! If you have a hot date you want nice tan legs for, this is the product for you.

Designer Skin "One Night Stand" on lower half of arm.

I have had some horrible experiences with self-tanners before… they make my skin Orange. Or they end up being WAY too dark, and you can tell it is so unnatural. I did not have any of those problems with this product. It blended so naturally into my skin, I could hardly believe it.

Everyone knows that sun exposure damages your skin, after years of tanning, people look like; let’s face it, leather. Sun exposure increases wrinkles. I feel very confident knowing that I can look great, and not damage my skin.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for that healthy glow!

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