Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Melville Candy Company

Everyone on the face of the planet loves candy! Some people may scoff at me, but out of all the candy in the world, I think my favorite kind is lollipops! When I received my package from Melville Candy Company, and opened it up, I was floored. I have never in my life seen such adorable and fun Lollipops!

My favorite ones that I received were the ones in the boxes, but the Creamsicle ones were a Close second! I just cannot bring myself to eat the giant pair of lips, I think it is too adorable! The flavors on these are so delicious. They are sweet but not overpowering. All of the products are packaged wonderfully. These would be a perfect gift for anybody who loves candy! I know I certainly loved these!
Melville Candy Company is a proud 35 year old family owned and operated business. We create gourmet custom shaped barley lollipops which bring back fond childhood memories using the same formula which was used over 75 years ago. We produce a variety of barley lollipops from Melville's Seacoast, Barnyard, Zoo animals collections and many, many more! Take a trip down memory lane as you view our wonderful collection which will delight young and old alike.
In addition to barley lollipops, we create a wonderful product for tea and coffee drinkers. Melville's Clover Honey Spoons, and Chocolate Caramel spoons are just a few of the unique items which will make wonderful and unusual gifts. Each item we produce is hand made, packed and inspected before shipping which guarantees that you will receive an excellent product each and every time you place an order.
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Melville Candy Company has offered my readers a giveaway! Out of the flavors in the picture below, the winner will be able to choose three flavors to try!

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