Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I know Pet Week is Over but...

I wanted to direct my readers to a website. I myself am an animal Lover, and when I think about the animals out there who need homes, and don't have the comforts that my animals do, it almost moves me to tears. We have all seen the commercials, you know the ones, The beautiful Sarah McLaughlin song playing, and it makes me cry every time.

During Pet Week, I wrote a few posts about The Whisker's Syndicate and Raeosunshine Pets. I just wanted to let you all know that her raffle and fundraiser is still going on, and you can find it at www.facebook.com/raeosunshinepets

I have just read the new post from Josie (The Whisker's Syndicate) and I found the last post to be almost heartbreaking. The Whisker's syndicate does amazing work with what resources they have. I urge you to check out her ETSY SHOP, the proceeds help with the kitties. You can also donate through pay pal, and go enter the raffle/fundraiser from Raeosunshine Pets. The Whisker's Syndicate also accepts donations through Pay Pal.

Whiscraft (The Etsy Store) ran by Josie, has tons of fun and adorable items for your pets.

I mean, come on, how adorable is that Fish Bed? My cats would LOVE that. Plus those appliques, so cute.

Check out her Etsy Site!
And don't forget to like The Whisker's Syndicate on Facebook!