Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: Shelton's Poultry

I was given the chance to try some of Shelton's Poultry Products. I was very impressed my what they sent me: Turkey Jerky, Turkey Snack Sticks, Turkey Chili, and canned chicken. 

I tried the turkey jerky first, and let me tell you! This is Turkey Jerky done how it's supposed to be! It was so rich in flavors, I couldn't believe it. The Hot&Spicy Turkey Jerky also had very good flavor, but wasn't my favorite because it was spicy. We've been over this before... I'm a whimp. 

The Jerky snack sticks come in three different flavors: Original, Pepperoni and Jalapeno. Weirdly enough, the jalapeno was my favorite flavor! It wasn't spicy enough for me to not like it, and the chunks of Jalapeno gave it great flavor. The Original is tougher than the Pepperoni, but Still just as great. 

I was given two kinds of their chili to try, and both were excellent. Some of the best store bought chili I have ever had. Almost as good as homemade. The Mild flavor was my personal Favorite. 

I really loved everything from Shelton's. The history behind the company is also a nice brief read. Check it out HERE. 

I would recommend Shelton's to anyone who is looking for quality poultry products. Everything they make tastes great!

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