Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review: Orabrush

Everyone knows that bad breath comes from Bacteria on the tongue, which is why mom always told you to make sure to brush your tongue, because no one likes stinky breath. I wasn't expecting a lot from Orabrush, I thought it would be similar to the tongue cleaners that come on the back of some toothbrushes. Boy, was I wrong! 

For one- The bristles on Orabrush are much longer, so you get a much deeper clean, and with the built in scraper, anything the bristles drag out of the nooks and cranny's get drug away immediately. 
For Two- The Orabrush is much larger than your typical toothbrush, it covers much more surface area, and I don't have to repeatedly scrub the same area. 
I could SEE the difference just after one use, and I could tell my tongue was so much cleaner. It felt cleaner. I was extremely pleased with Orabrush. 

I was also sent OraPup! It is basically a giant Orabrush, but for your dogs. They sent "Lickies" a doggy toothpaste type product. You apply Lickies right to OraPup and let your dog lick it away, while they are doing so, the bristles clean their tongue and help your dog get rid of their bad breath. I thought my dogs would hate this, but it turns out each one of them loved it... I had to hide the OraPup, because I was afraid they would chew it up. It is also very easy to clean. Just run hot water over it. 

I loved this product and I will use it everyday!

I would give this product a 10/10! Perfect Score!!

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