Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Bullet Designs Earrings

I received in the mail a pair of earrings from Bullet Designs. I love companies who "re-use" other items and make something completely new. Bullet designs does this with something I never would have thought of.
At Bullet Designs we give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Going Green'! We recycle fired bullets and turn them into unique and unusual gifts - for men and women too!
 At first look when I opened the box, I just thought there were regular earrings, and then I noticed the writing.. 9mm Luger! I was amazed. I ran to my husband and had him look at them, he thought they were the coolest earrings  he has ever seen. My husband loves to go out and target practice with his guns, and he used to own a 9mm, so he really loved these.

You would think that any earrings made form Bullet Casings would be really gaudy, but they weren't! You could wear these anywhere. A fancy party, or everyday wear.

I loved these and have been wearing them since I got them in the mail.

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