Monday, March 3, 2014

A Little Preoccupied…

As I mentioned in my last post, my life goes in phases. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about all of you. I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what to do my next video on… I was thinking a classic smokey eye. I’ve seen plenty of terrible videos, and some good ones, Maybe I’ll try one out for size.

My preoccupation in the past few weeks has been none other than a Television show. My every extra second of the day has been spent watching Smallville. I have to say, I’m surprised I never watched it while it was actually on TV, but In a way I guess I am glad I didn’t do that. The episodes really leave you hanging there.

I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon… And I think in the next few days you will see more updates from me. I will be getting anew phone, so I’m hoping to do more “spontaneous posts”, and I’m thinking of branching off not just from Beauty, but to other things in my life that I enjoy. Discussing a little bit more about my life, my decisions and such… that way when I get going on one of my phases, I will still be able to talk to all of you on a regular basis. I think I like that idea.

Writing gives me sort of an inner peace I suppose. Keeps me grounded. I just wish I was better at it… I have a million different ideas running through my brain all the time, I wish they would just slow down so I could get them down on paper. Maybe I could start doing “Story time Blogs”? Where I put a little excerpt of what I would like to write about down here? See what I mean about my mind going a million miles a minute? My thoughts end up all crazy jumbled. This is what my brain is like. Constantly jumping to one thing or another.

Lately my sleeping patterns have been all sorts of wonky. staying up all night long and into the early afternoon and then sleeping all day. I guess you could say that 3rd shift is in my nature. I’m trying to break myself of this habit. Though I have never been a morning person, and never probably will be. I enjoy seeing the sunrise… I just enjoy seeing it from the other direction.

Well, I suppose that is enough of my rambling on and on for today. Maybe I’ll check in later and let you guys know how I feel about the 3rd season of Sherlock. It is currently what I am watching wholly wait for season 6 of Smallville. I just can’t get over those brainy guys HAHA.

Thanks for Reading!

Love; Cait