Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little More About Myself…

Hello Everyone!

I thought it would maybe be nice for all of us to get to know each other a little better. I expect this blog will consist mainly of me rambling on about myself, and not really much of beauty related things…. So if you aren’t interested in that, I would recommend you to go to my YouTube channel.

Firstly- I tend to be a little obsessive. Not really of people, but hobbies, YES. I am currently addicted to several TV shows. Including my all time favorite… Buffy. I also enjoy Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, and many many more. I also like to fiddle (yep, I used that word) around with electronics. I can fix almost anything computer related, and I love gadgets. I love writing, though I don’t consider myself good at it in the least.. weird, I know. I also (OBVIOUSLY) love makeup!! And Hair, and pretty much everything else beauty related. Makeup mostly though. Another one of my passions that I hold near and dear to my heart is reading. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book. I give people weird looks when they say that the “movie was better than the book”. I’m just that type of person. Books get something across that movies just can’t seem to. But enough about that, or I will be talking for hours!! Another something I should mention that I like to do is Game. (Screams) I know I know. I can hear you now! “What?! How can you like Books, Movies, Makeup, TV AND Gaming?” Well, I don’t really know, but I do. Though I only really play two games, The Sims, and World of Warcraft. Complete opposite ends of the gaming spectrum.

Right now I’m going to rattle on about World of Warcraft for a while, so if you are not interested in this; Skip this part. I currently have 3 level 90 characters, working on two others at the moment. I only play casters for the most part, and have a preference for healing. I started playing on a mage (Arnya) which was my first level 90. Soon after hitting level cap, and maybe before, but who knows? I realized that I absolutely hated being a mage. I had played her for so long that I was just sick of it. so I rolled a Priest. This priest is my current Main character that I play on. Her name is Scarlottia. I only play Alliance. I also have an Elemental/Resto Shaman. I go through phases with WoW, as I do with most of my hobbies. Sometimes I play NON-STOP, and other times I’m only on for a little bit each day. If you want a new person to play with, feel free to add me! My battletag is: tafferdog#1568.

Secondly- I am married. To a wonderful man. He understand my crazy hobbies, and encourages them. for that I am grateful.

Thirdly- I am an animal lover. I currently have 6 cats: Archer, Dexter, Damon, Sassy, Salem, and Klaus; 3 dogs: Neener, Nikki, and Zeke; 1 Guinea Pig: Scarlett; and three ducks, who don’t have names. Most our our animals were rescues, or drop offs…

Lastly- I don’t really have a lastly, I just thought it would like nice at the end of this HAHA! Yeap, I’m a dork! Anyway… Feel free to share a little about yourself if you would like, and check back soo for more beauty related things.. I think I am going to do a couple reviews of some of the products I received in my last ELF Haul…. I have a few that I love, and a few that I love not so much.

Thank You all for reading my rambling!!

Caity <3