Friday, January 31, 2014

Uploading Palette Collection!!

Hello All!
I am uploading my Palette Collection video to YouTube right at this moment. For some reason though now, it takes AGES for a video to upload.. last night it took All Night Long. Literally. I started it while I was awake and it went until like 5 this morning. Luckily for me, I was sleeping for most of it. I thought I would try uploading into a different format today, but it is still taking an unbelievably long time to process and upload. Maybe it's my internet connection?
Anyway! As I did with my Peacock Eye Shadow Tutorial, I will post the video here once it is uploaded (So probably tomorrow morning).
Here is some information on my palettes that I currently have until my ELF order comes in (which will HOPEFULLY be tomorrow, weather permitting). 

The first Palette is a 24 color Profusion Palette. The colors are very vibrant and pigmented, but I would recommend a primer and setting spray, as they do tend to wear off easily.
The Next palette is a 15 Color Concealer Palette. I bought this product from Amazon. I love love love these concealers. The coverage is great, and the colors are easily blend-able and turn almost powdery once set.
The next THREE palettes were all one in the same. The same Palette in different shades. The ELF 36 Color Eye Shadow Palette. These come in three different varieties, Everyday, Brights and Natural, I show all three in my video. I love ELF shadows, and I love the company. It's one of my favorites!
The Next palette is a 66 Color Lip Palette. This palette has every color under the sun in it, and all the colors are great. it does have a very weird smell to it, but it does not bother me. If you are one of those people which smell bothers you, then I wouldn't recommend this product.
Next up is a 6 Color Contour Palette. I love this palette. They are all matte colors, and easily build-able for an everyday or dramatic look!
The next palette is a Blush Palette. I couldn't find the exact palette that I purchased, but this one is similar. I love the colors in this palette! There is a perfect tone for everyone, from the lightest to the brightest shade. 
In my video I show 2 other eye shadow palettes- One that I made, and one that was given to me as a gift. As I don't know the brand or where it was purchased, I can't give you guys a link :( The profusion palette is similar, so you could purchase one of those. The colors are great and very pigmented.
The last palette is (I remembered the brand) A Color Workshop (at least I am fairly certain) Palette. i sadly, could not find a link to this product as I think it was some sort of limited edition palette. It's your basic 96 color eye shadow palette that you can find anywhere. 

And those are my palettes as of right now... I'm super excited to get my other three in the mail soon! As well as the other products I ordered... Hopefully I remember to film the unboxing, before I rip everything open like a kid on Christmas morning. 

Again- Thanks for listening to my rambles. Have a great day!!