Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have been away!!

Hello Folks!
I have been away for SO long! Life took hold of the reins there for a while... I was helping raise a set of twins when their mom wasn't in the best place in life, also trying to balance a house and a husband... BUT! Now I'm back!!!

I thought I would jump right into it. Today I filmed 3 videos! The first was a foundation routine... that well... let's just say my computer ate it.. I can't find the files because of the recording software I was using...! So I lost hours of editing and filming. The second video I said screw it, and just went back to filming on my webcam. I have gotten a new laptop since my last posts so this webcam is way better in quality, it records in 480p, instead of 140. That being said, the next video I filmed was something I have never actually done before! I filmed a Peacock Eye Shadow Tutorial, which I am currently in the process of uploading to my YouTube Channel. The final video that I filmed today was my current Palette Collection. I still have to edit this video, but it will be up shortly.

Later in the week or early next week, I will receive my shipment of ELF products that I ordered late last week. I hit an awesome sale! I will either film an unboxing or Haul video of that :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and listening to my rambles for the day!
Visit my youtube channel, and continue to check back in with this blog. I will be updating frequently.

Caity <3