Monday, September 8, 2014

Monthly Multivendor Giveaway: Raeosunshine Pets & Whimsy for Allies of Greyhounds

It's that time again. Raeosunshine Pets & Whimsy is hosting their monthly giveaway in honor of an animal rescue. This month it is for Allies for Greyhounds! Check out this great giveaway for a great cause!

Photo Credit Allies for Greyhounds HERE
Every month I sponsor an animal charity on my Facebook page. 15-100% of sales from my Etsy shop go to the charity of the month. This month, I have chosen to sponsor Allies for Greyhounds, Inc. This organization takes greyhounds that were bred for racing and gives them a second chance at a normal life - as pets.

Not only will I be donating a portion of all my sales this month, but I will also be sponsoring a multi vendor giveaway in honor of Allies for Greyhounds, Inc. I will be using this giveaway to raise awareness for their cause. And besides, who doesn't like a big giveaway? Enter below, many more prizes to come!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit their website HERE

Visit my shop HERE where 15-100% proceeds will be donated to Allies for Greyhounds, Inc. through Oct. 3rd