Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why I made the Switch to Mac

I have to admit, I was one of those people who used to make fun of people with Mac’s. I know. I’m a jerk. I used to think to myself, “I know they are faster, but are they really that much better?” The answer, my friends, is yes. Yes, they are better. And here is why:
  1. Windows 8 happened. This operating system, in my eyes, was a complete and total failure. It was meant for tablets, and smart phones, and not for people like me who want to get things done. No, I do not want to switch back and forth between the Start Screen and the Desktop. It was far too different, and WAY too glitchy.
  2. Freezes/Crashes/Blue Screens. I kid you not, it seemed like everyday I was having to do a hard restart on my Windows computer. Don’t give me that crap about viruses either, I had a scanner, and every sort of anti everything installed. Care of Avast. Windows just inevitably, crashes.
  3. Viruses. Most viruses are actually written specifically for PC’s. I’m not saying that your Mac will never get a virus, but if you are careful, the chances are extremely unlikely.
  4. Speed. I didn’t actually know how well my Mac would work until I unboxed it. I went from a top of the line Alienware gaming laptop, to an iMac. I had only have as much memory. After using my Mac for several months, I have to say, even with half of the memory my PC had, my Mac is still faster.
  5. Looks. This isn’t actually a very good reason to buy a Mac, but nevertheless, it helped me decide on one. Mac’s look great. When you have one sitting on your desk, it makes you feel good. They are simple and sleek, and yet, they are powerhouses.
Sorry Microsoft, you just can’t hack it. Not in my book anyways. If I didn’t have to install third party software onto my Windows 8 computer to even make it functional enough for me to do anything, maybe we would talk about switching back. Until I see some major changes, I am sticking with my Mac. Even with the higher price point. It was worth every penny!