Friday, August 29, 2014

I Wrote a Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

Yes, Me. You read that right. Sure, you are thinking Yeah right, this isn't from your actual self, and it certainly couldn't be from the future. Let me prove it to you, erm, Me. Remember that time in first grade when we had to tell the entire class what our favorite color was, and then Mrs. Biggs would put a tally under the color on the white board? Yes, you remember. Do you remember that you LIED? Everyone liked red, and you didn't want to be the only loser that said Purple, so you said Red. And guess what, you are still kind of ashamed that you lied. Yep, now you know it's me. 

I am here to tell you not to sweat the small stuff. To forget about dying your hair a certain color because that certain boy likes it. Forget about trying to fit in with people, who you don't even like to begin with. Because, guess what? It's almost the end of 2014, and those things don't matter. Cherish the memories you are making, and stop worrying about your future so much. Things will fall into place. They always seem to don't they? 

Pay attention in school, especially Chemistry, because otherwise you will fail. The water bottle wars aren't that important. 

Go the extra mile to go visit your grandparents, because they will be gone some day, and you will wish that you had said the things you always wanted to, and now I can't, so you had better. 

Take more pictures. Smile More. Listen to music. Dance. Hang out with Friends. Take it day by day. Don't wish your life away. Have no regrets! 

One day you will find the man of your dreams. I will not tell you who, and I will not tell you where, because that would take away the thrill and mystery of it. He's worth waiting for, even though years from now he drives you absolutely bananas, but you still love him anyways. All of the school boy crushes are a waste of time and energy. Focus more on your family and friends, believe me, you will thank me for it later. 

You can't ever take the time back, but you can decide how you spend it. Spend your time wisely, and for god sakes... CLEAN YOUR ROOM. :)

Don't worry self, it all works out in the end.