Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Energems

I lack energy, and i will be the first person to admit that. I don't like to drink coffee for energy, as almost every time I drink it, it gives me a stomach-ache. I have officially found my new best friend- Energems.

These have been such a lifesaver in the past few weeks. I received three different flavors to try: Chocolate peanut Butter, and Mint. The mint flavor was my favorite. These are basically giant chocolate M&M's, packed with vitamins and caffeine.

I take three of these when I am lacking "get Up & Go" during the day. You can take up to Nine of these for maximum energy. Though, I find 3 to be sufficient for me.
Whether you’re a computer programmer, supermom or college student, being anything but your best is not an option. And when you’re on the go from morning to night (and late night), you need to find ways to keep yourself motivated… Ways that don’t come back to haunt you… Or allow a half-assed version of yourself to show up… Or taste like crap… The way energy drinks and energy shots do.
Making the most of every single moment—no matter how big or small—makes you who you are. Enter, Energems: a better-tasting, more portable, less in-your-face, non-jittery way to manage the energy you need. Anywhere, anytime.
Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate?
I have also noticed that when I take these I have no "crash" like other products that promise energy. I carry a pack with me everywhere I go, just in case I am feeling sluggish.

I swear by these and have been recommending them to everyone!

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